We offer a hybrid analog/digital studio in the heart of Sweden.
The main gear in the studio is the analog MCI 652 console that were specially made for Sveriges Riksradio (Swedish national radio) in the 1980’s. Alongside the console we have great AD/DA by Universal Audio.

Who is running the studio.
The studio is run by the brothers Mats and Johan Eriksson with the vision of bringing the more analog side to recording back. We also do believe that getting away from your all-day enviroment makes you more creative and gives you more energy to focus on making and recording music.

The studio.
Our big live room is built to perfection with wood panels on the walls and a stone floor that gives drums especially a great and big sound. The room also have different roof heights which make it possible to get a big drum sound as well as a small tighter sound if the production demands it. It’s also amazing when recording guitars or our lovely Malmsjö piano.
We have a smaller recording booth as well, that works well while recording vocals.

Why would you come to record in our studio?
The studio is located in Bångbro just outside of Kopparberg and is surrounded with the beautiful nature of Bergslagen. This means that you’ll be able to shift all your focus on recording during your stay here and this will be easy since the apartment is attached to the studio as well.
Head over to the Productions page to see a little selection of things we’ve done.