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With today’s technology there’s several ways to master your track online through a computer. This way of mastering totally eliminates the human factor which usually colors music in a great way.
On the other hand you have the expensive mastering services of the large mastering studios that have tons of albums in their portfolio, they’ll do an amazing job but put a huge hole in your budget.
Our vision is to master your song while adding the human factor and by using the great analog gear that can compete with the giants but to a price that is affordable no matter if your’re sitting in a home studio or a proffesional studio but you’re not all that sure about mastering.

Mastering per song is €30 but are now on discount to €25 until the end of January 2019.

When sending us a song for mastering please prepare your file as following:

  • Leave at least 6dBfs of headroom. If necessary pull down your master fader.
  • Remove compression or any type of limiting from your masterbus
  • Export your mix as a .WAV or .AIF file, using the same sample and bit rate as the session you’re exporting from.
  • Place your order and upload your files marked with your email address.
  • The price contains two set of revision so that you can send us an email with the changes you want us to make twice.
  • Master 7 or more songs and you’ll receive a 15% discount
  • The song(s) you upload are 100% safe with us and won’t in any way be shared
  • After you’ve mastered over 10 songs you’ll receive a coupon for the lifetime discount. This will give you a 20% discount on any future masterings you do through us. Read more about and get to know the terms of the lifetime discount HERE.

If you want more revisions you’ll have to add that in the purchase. Upload the song(s) by clicking the upload image below. When you’ve uploaded the songs and we’ve received payment we’ll start working right away and you’ll receive the first master within 24 hours.
If you want more than two songs mastered it’s gonna take 48 hours before you’ll receive the first master.
Just choose the number of songs you want mastered by simply increasing the amount in the field where you choose the amount.

If you have any references in terms of sound please write in the message on the order page so that we can listen to it. Preferably a YouTube or Spotify link with the possibility of listening in high quality.
We can’t quarantee that it’ll sound exactly alike cause every recording is different, but then we’ll have something to go on soundwise.

You’ll receive a link via the email address you used when placing your order when your master is ready.

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