Re-amping starting at €20.

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Do you want to use the warmth of a real guitar amp but you don’t have the room to record it?
If you’re recording guitar at home and you’re living in an apartment it might be a bad idea to blast a tube amp through a 4×12 Marshall stack. Instead you can record the DI signal of the guitar and send the tracks to us for re-amping. We’ve got a wide variaty of microphones and our studio is in the middle of the forrest so we’re allowed to blast them speakers. So send us the tracks and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’re using a few different amps depending on the sound you’re looking for, we’re using everything from Fender to EVH depending on the sound you’re after.

  • €20 per song no matter how many guitar tracks you’re sending.
  • Turnaround is set at 2-3 days, usually faster.
  • Send a reference on which kind of sound you’re looking for.
  • 1 revision of the sound is included in the service, another revision is optional.
  • Re-amp more than 7 songs and you’ll get a 15% discount.
  • The song(s) you upload are strictly used for the re-amping and then deleted from our discs
  • You’re 100% the owner of the re-amped tracks for your song, once the transaction is complete
  • After you’ve ordered re-amping on more than 10 tracks you’ll receive the lifetime discount. The lifetime discount is 20% off on any future re-amping orders made through us. Read more about and get to know the terms of the lifetime discount HERE.

The price is set on a per song basis which means that if there’s 6 tracks of guitars on the songs it’s still only €20 for all those tracks. If there’s several songs choose the amount while placing the order.
Upload the project if it’s in Pro Tools or Logic format or upload the files in .WAV or .AIF format while placing the order.

You’ll get the files delievered in .WAV or .AIF if you’re not requesting anything else while placing the order.

The delievery times is dependent on how much we got to do the day we receive your files and payment. Normal delivery times are up to 3 days, usually it goes faster.

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Yes (get 1 more revision), No (1 revision included)


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