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Get proffesional drums recorded on your song by a proffesional drummer for an affordable price.
I’ll record the drums here in BoomBridge Studios with a big room, the great MCI JH-652 console and top of the line converters from Universal Audio.
You can choose to get the files unprocessed or processed, meaning that you get the files unmixed or the files pre-mixed by me. It’s a perfect service for anything from the songwriter who wants real drums on their songs to the producers that needs drum professionally recorded but don’t have the time or budget to rent a big studio.

  • Choose the services you’d like to include in the recording
  • 1 revision included in the price. Purchase more revisions separately.
  • Upload the song and place the order and we’ll start to record the song right away
  • Either include drums in the track of how you want them played or send us a message while placing the order with references on how you’d like the drums to be played.
  • Get files bounced in stems or separately
  • Choose more than 7 songs and you’ll receive a 15% discount on your purchase
  • The song(s) you upload are strictly used for the drum recordings and then deleted from our discs
  • You’re 100% the owner of the drum tracks for your song, once the transaction is complete
  • You’ll receive a lifetime discount coupon after you’ve ordered 10 drum recordings. The lifetime discount is at 20% per song after the 10 first. Read more about and get to know the terms of the lifetime discount HERE.

I’ve been touring for the past 10 years in the better part of Europe and I’ve playing drums for the better part of my life getting my first drumkit at the age of 6. Over the course of a year I’m playing around 100 gigs with different bands and constellations, doing everything from tours to shows with other artists.
I’ve been playing with some of the biggest artists in Sweden – from people that participated in the Swedish Idol, people that particitpated in the Eurovision song contest, Ted Poley from Danger Danger to my own band degreed that I’m currently touring frequently with.

I’ve been recording, producing, mixing and mastering over the past 10 years and have a degree from SAE Institute in Stockholm as well as countless other online courses. Check out the samples as well as the Spotify playlist to see what I can do for you.

You’ll get great files that are checked for phasing and recorded in a great room, with great pre-amps and played by a proffesional. It doesn’t get easier than this.
Upload your files below and place your order and we’ll get right to recording drums for your song!

Listen to the unprocessed and the processed samples below.
The drumkit was mic’ed with 11 microphones, both close and room mices.

Here’s a few selected songs that I play drums on that has been released already.

Additional information

Processed or Unprocessed

Processed, Unprocessed

Rush service

Yes, No

How do you want the files delievered?

Stems, Bounced separately


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