We love the analog.
Because of our love for the analog we use our MCI JH-652 mainly while recording. To be able to get the most out of every sound, using the best instruments and microphones to capture the source is equally important as the musician playing the instrument. Below you’ll find a little info on the gear we use.

Our main hardware is:
MCI 652 Console 48 I/O
Neve pre-amps
Ampex tape machine 24 I/O
Universal Audio Apollo 8 – 8 I/O * 2
Creamware 16 I/O Adat bridge
Audio Developments

A large variation of microphones from:
Neumann, Röde, Shure, CAD and Sennheiser.

Tama Starclassic complete drumkit
EBS combo
Malmsjö piano
Nord Electro keys
A selection of guitar amps
A selection of basses and guitars from Fender among others.